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The Power of Mother Nature - Original Oil Painting

The Power of Mother Nature - Original Oil Painting

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  • "Power of Mother Nature" 
  • Painting: Oil on canvas.
  • Unframed
  • Size: 24" x 30" (60cm x 50cm)
  • Ships in a box
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  • About the artwork - Part of the 'Dreams' Collection
  • A lady stands at the edge of the world, where the sea meets the heavens, beneath a canopy of moody clouds. Her figure exudes an air of mystery. This painting came to me in a dream. To me, it's about standing at the edge of something mysteriously exciting. Something is about to happen...

    The sea takes centre stage, its deep, dark blue waters stretching endlessly into the horizon. Rich, velvety hues create a feeling of serenity and wonder and the lady adds to the sense of mystery.

    Above the tranquil waters, a dramatic sky unfolds. Moody, swirling clouds add an air of mystery to the scene, their subdued tones contrasting beautifully with the lady's presence, as if nature itself is responding to her aura.

    This beautiful oil painting is an invitation to escape to a world of beauty and contemplation. Whether displayed in your living room, bedroom, or even a private sanctuary, it will transform any space into a haven of tranquility and intrigue.

    More than just a painting; it's a reflection of the profound beauty of the natural world and the human spirit. 

  • Details and dimensions: 
  • Painting: Oil on canvas
  • Original: One of a kind
  • Size: Unframed 24" x 30" (60cm x 50cm)
  • Frame: Unframed
  • Ready to hang: Yes
  • Packaging: Ships in a box
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