Lorraine Field Artist

I’m a 50 something cancer survivor and newly full time artist, painting colour rich paintings inspired by life lessons learned. Encouraging floundering empty nesters, to dust of their dream and give it a go before it’s too late and without breaking the bank.

Being born in the 60’s the ‘usual' path back then for girls was to get married and have children. My escape from 'traditional expectations' came during carefree childhood holidays. They were, to me, total freedom. Weekends at a local farm building dens in the woods, milking cows at dawn and horse riding bareback to and from the fields. At home I began wishing we'd have a farm and animals of our own one day. We didn’t have that kind of money, so I spent hours drawing out my dream life. When people started to say my artwork was good, it gave me courage to continue. Hope that life could be more than just mundane. I want my story and my art to encourage people to always have a go at what they love. 

A huge brush (no pun intended) with the big 'C' aged 40, taught me to appreciate time above everything else. To stop wasting time...to not be defined by other people's ideas for my life path. If you have a passion, why wait to follow it? Tomorrow is not a given.

My work is inspired by master painters - Sorrolla, John Singer Sargent and modern day painters Vladimir Volegov and Daniel Gerhartz. All skillful with their capture of light and colour.

10% of all sales go to cancer charity.


So grateful for the chance to live long enough to paint professionally.

With love,