Through my vibrant oil paintings, I aim to capture the essence of gratitude and the joy of being alive.

Lorraine Field ArtistMy paintings are steeped in a sense of nostalgia for happy days. Because cherishing special moments helps us appreciate the passage of time and the importance of living in the moment...

...something I learnt the hard way.

Hi, I'm Lorraine, a 50 something cancer survivor, now full-time oil painter. 

Growing up in the 60s, societal expectations often steered girls towards the traditional roles of marriage and motherhood. Deeply frustrated with being written off before even starting, I sought solace in the world of drawing.

Creating art became a therapeutic outlet during confusing teenage years and many years beyond. When people began to compliment my drawings, it spurred me on even more.

I yearned for life to be more than mundane. 

Lorraine Field Artist with oil paintings displayed on easels behind her

Fast forward a few years, family circumstances meant I needed to get a job. I went on to get married and have three fabulous kids (wouldn't change that for the world).

While life's demands and responsibilities took precedence, my love for art remained a constant ember in the background.

In my early 40's I was diagnosed with cancer. A huge shock. The diagnosis wasn't good and I honestly didn't think I'd make it. Luckily, after chemo, radiotherapy and several years of treatment, I did (big thank you NHS!)

My brush (no pun intended) with the big 'C', taught me to appreciate time above everything else. Not to waste it or be defined by other people's expectations.

Given the opportunity for a second chance, I made the bold (or crazy) decision to leave behind my day job to focus wholeheartedly on painting. It was a daunting step, but life is way too short to delay.

If you have a passion, why wait? Tomorrow is not a given, so live for today and, in Shakespeare's words "This, above all, to thine own self, be true." 

I adore the work of master painters - Sorolla, John Singer Sargent and modern day painters Vladimir Volegov and Daniel Gerhartz. Each of these artists paint scenes of 'life' and their mastery at capturing the interplay of light and colour on canvas brings an intense sense of connection and meaning to their work.

As a way of showing gratitude for the wonderful treatment I received and to help find a cure for this horrible disease, 10% of all sales go to cancer charity.

Every brushstroke I make fills me with immense gratitude for the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a professional painter.

Thank you for investing your precious time in getting to know me, and I hope my art becomes a source of warm inspiration and comfort in your daily life.

With love,