If you've ever watched a programme such as 'Repair Shop' on U.K. T.V., you'll have seen how the most unique item can mean so much to one person. Family heirlooms brought back to life, in as close to their former glory as possible, handed back to the owner. Happy tears often follow.
A commissioned painting has similar impact. A scene of a place with special significance (where a proposal took place for instance), a portrait of a beloved pet or a vase of favourite flowers. Sit back and watch the happiness you bring to the recipient with such a thoughtful gift.
The process is simple:-
I will need a CLEAR, photograph(s) or better still, access to be able to take my own (plus sketches if possible) in situ. If you use another person's photograph, you'll need to get their permission to use it.
Consider what sort of background you'd like. Does the image have a background you'd want included? Would you rather have a colour background to complement where the artwork will hang? I'll also need to know the size and shape you'd like (square canvas or rectangle (portrait or landscape)).
As I work with oil paints, the artwork will need time to dry, plus if I'm working on other commissions, there may be a wait. Please book early for special occasions such as Christmas. This can be discussed at time of booking.
Price will be dependent on the size of artwork you require. Again, please ask and I can quote accordingly depending on the artwork you'd like painted.
Once we've agreed between us, a 50% deposit will be required up front to cover the costs of initial materials. If you'd like, I can send by email updates as the painting is being worked on to ensure you're happy with it.
I hope that answers all questions you're likely to have but if not, please feel free to drop me a direct message.
Very best wishes,