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Angelic Angel - Original Oil Painting

Angelic Angel - Original Oil Painting

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  • "Angelic Angel " 
  • Painting: Oil on canvas.
  • Unframed
  • Size: 24" x 20" (60cm x 50cm)
  • Ships in a box
  • Price: £420
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  • About the artwork:
  • The essence of youthful innocence. A young woman stands as the embodiment of purity and freedom, her presence imparts a sense of divine connection. A symphony of colour plays out as a flock of doves gracefully circle the air, their wings a dance of grace and unity. Each dove carries with it a symbol of peace and transcendence, adding an extra layer of symbolism to this thought-provoking composition. It's a portal to a world of emotions and reflections.

  • The backdrop of “Angelic Angel" is a surreal seascape that seamlessly blends the boundaries of reality and dreams. With a mesmerizing palette of mystical purples and yellows, the seascape creates an otherworldly ambiance that enchants the viewer.
  • More than just an oil painting it's a portal to a world of emotions and reflections. Hang it in your living space to create an atmosphere of serenity, contemplation, and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply looking to enhance your environment with a piece that sparks conversation, this painting is sure to become a cherished focal point in your collection.
  • Details and dimensions: 
  • Painting: Oil on canvas
  • Original: One of a kind
  • Size: Unframed 24" x 20" (60cm x 50cm)Frame: Unframed
  • Ready to hang: Yes
  • Packaging: Ships in a box
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