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The Proposal - Perranuthnoe

The Proposal - Perranuthnoe

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  • S O L D 
    Inspiration behind this painting:-

    After a mid-morning swim at Perranuthoe, we relaxed on the beach to get dry. I glanced around at our fellow beachgoers basking in the warmth of the sun.

    In the far distance near the shoreline, a young couple chatted. They were playfully running around tagging each other. Being affectionate; young love! The man dropped to his knees and was, I assumed, asking for her hand in marriage. Romeo and Juliet, I thought! How exciting!

    My romantic notions were soon dashed as they proceeded to take out a kite. Alas, he'd been sorting out the strings of the kite, not her heart.
  • A framed oil painting on canvas. White frame.
  • Matt varnish.
  • Canvas Size 16" (40cm) x 12" (30cm) (Canvas Approx.)
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